How Curry Leaves make your Hair Long and Beautiful ?


Women have dream to look good and thus they want long and beautiful hair too. They envy the models when they see them in shiny and long hair. Well, it’s not that tough. Even you can get luscious locks and of course, that is not an impossible dream! If you have been looking for some affordable yet natural remedy for beautiful long hair then you can use curry leaves for hair growth.

curry leaves for hair growth

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Reasons Why We Have Dull Hair and Face Hair Loss

It is important to understand that why we have dull hair or face hair loss issues. Here are some of the causes of the same:

  • hair damage due to pollution
  • hair loss due to chemical and styling products
  • hair loss due to poor nutrition

It is vital that you find out what the reasons are for hair loss and based on that you must take the actions. If you have been looking for the reliable solutions for hair growth then all you need to do is try curry leaves for hair growth. The reason why curry leaves are believed to work well for hair growth is because they are loaded with nutrients. They also have the capacity to repair the damaged hair strands. Here are some of the important benefits of curry leaves for hair growth.

Benefits of Curry Leaves for Hair Growth

  • Take some curry leaves and soak them in water. Now crush them and add them to yoghurt. Make a mask out of this and also add honey into the same. This hair mask is nourishing for hair strands and it would also make your hair grow better. You must use this therapy once in a week.
  • By adding curry leaves to milk and then crushing the same you are actually making a conditioner which is also good for hair strands. This natural conditioner would help in giving your hair follicles the important nutrients. Thus, you will see that there would be better hair growth.
  • Using curry leaves in daily diet can help. If you use curry leaves in daily diet then you will see that there would be hormone regulation. Also, your hair shafts would become stronger and better. This would promote hair growth too.
  • Curry leaves have anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties. This is what makes them quite usable. You can make pack out of soaked curry leaves and this will help in fighting of dandruff and all sorts of scalp related infections. This is also one of the benefits of curry leaves for hair growth.

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Curry Leaves helps to maintain your organs well. It also helps in regulating the functions of intestine. Thus, better general health and wellness would ensure that you have beautiful hair too. Use curry leaves in your diet and also for topical use on hair and see the magic. If you don’t like the taste of curry leaves in diet then you can add them in dips or with chilly pickles. This would taste good.

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