Curl Your Hair without Heat


Women who have straight hair often miss the wavy hair. If you love wavy and curly hair then you would first think of curling with heat. But mind well, heat is not good for your hair and it can cause serious hair damage. Thus, it is vital that you opt to curl your hair without heat. Here are some perfect ways to curl your hair without heat. Just read on for the safe and inexpensive ways to curl your hair.

Curl Your Hair without Heat

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Curl your Hair with Inexpensive Ways

• You should make your hair damp if they are dry or you can wash off the hair and then towel dry the hair till damp. Now, just remove all the tangles from the hair with the comb and after that twist your hair into two side buns. You must make appropriate partition. Now, tie rubber bands and make these buns bit tight.

• You can buy some soft rollers and put them on your hair and keep overnight. This will give you light curls when you remove those rollers in the morning.

• Braiding your hair can also give you perfect look. You must remove the tangles and then braid your hair. Keep these braids bit tight and keep them overnight. In the morning you can open your hair and you will get amazing wavy look for the hair.

• You can make a tight bun on your hair and then put the sock above that. Make sure that the sock is clean. Now, keep this bun as it ions overnight and in the morning you should open it up. There would be soft curls and you will really make your hair look quite appealing.

The above mentioned methods are quite inexpensive and easy. You can do them at home. It is really good to use the methods that are free from heat. Use these perfect ways to curl your hair without heat and see how you can look amazing. Heat is something that will damage your hair. So, it is always important to use the easy methods.

This is what Heat can do to your Hair

  1. Heat can make your hair frizzy and then there would be dry hair issue.
  2. Heat can also damage the scalp to a considerable extent.
  3. Heat can damage hair and would lead to split ends too.
  4. Heat can lead to ample of hair loss in the longer run.

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There was a time when people did not think so much. But today, the women have become quite alert and aware of her looks as well. Thus, she has to look great and change he image once in a while. Appealing easy curls would surely look great but you must avoid heat as much as possible.

There are many other methods and if you check online then you will find a lot of things and ideas. But, the above mentioned methods are quite easy and inexpensive. Also, they are tested methods. Try them and see. You just won’t regret.

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