Common Side Effects of Tattoo


Tattoos are in style today but everything that looks attractive is not necessarily good for us. Most of the teenagers have one or two tattoos as they feel it reflects their style. America is known to have the highest number of people who are inked. There are so many side effects of tattoo, Below are some of those side effects.

Common Side Effects of Tattoo


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Side Effects of Tattoo:

1) Allergic reactions to temporary as well as permanent tattoos

Getting inked surely makes us feel stylish but it causes adverse effects on our body. Yellow and red ink are known to cause allergies and green, purple, black pigments are less allergic. Tattoos cause a lot of harm and side effects.

2) Scarring

Tattoos may result in scarring of tissue. Our body tries to get rid of the foreign substance, small knots or bumps that may arise near the tattoo. People who have skin conditions may feel go through more problems as tattoos worsen the condition.

3) MRI complications

Burning or swelling can happen around the tattooed areas at the time of magnetic resonance imaging( MRI) exams because of a tattoo. Black ink contains a lot of iron oxide and iron gets heated up by the MRI scanner either by hysteresis or by inducing an electric current. Therefore designs containing a lot of black ink are much more harmful.

4) Infects such as hepatitis and HIV resulting from re-use of needles

Dangerous diseases like HIV and hepatitis are caused due to re-use of needles. It is advisable to not get tattoos done from tattoo parlours which are illegal as there are greater chances of infectious diseases.

5) Blood donation

You cannot donate blood for at least seven days after you have got inked as there are chances of infection. If the tattoo parlous is not regulated then you might have to wait even longer.

6) Haematoma

While getting a tattoo, a blood vessel might get punctured causing Haematoma ( bruise). These can either appear as halos around your tattoo or in the form of one single large bruise.

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7) Skin discoloration

The are around the tattoo gets permanently discoloured and this discoloration. The discoloration mostly fades away over a period of time but it never heals completely. This must be kept in mind before opting for a tattoo.

8) Blood thinners

A regimen of blood thinners may affect the tattooing procedure due to excessive bleeding. Due to increased bleeding the ink is not able to get into the skin and therefore the after care healing also takes longer.

9) Burden on lymphatic system

If the accumulation of larger particles takes place in the lymph nodes then it may give rise to inflammation . The smaller particles do not accumulate. If the larger particles accumulate then it may cause a lot of harm and prove dangerous.

10) Skin infections

A sterile needle can cause infection around the tattoo. This usually happens when the ink is contaminated by bacteria. This infection has various symptoms such as swelling, red rashes and may also cause a lot of pain. It approximately takes two to three weeks for an infection to arise.

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