Common Side Effects of Sunscreen Lotions


You are often advised to wear sun screen lotion when you go out in sun. This helps in keeping away from sun burn, premature ageing and skin cancers. But the harsh chemicals as present in sun screen lotions can have certain side effects for the skin. Tetracycline and sulfa drugs as present in sun screen lotion can really give some harsh effects on the skin. But otherwise it has many benefits and thus whether at home or out during the day one should apply sun screen lotion. After every 6 hours, it should be reapplied. If you have sweated a lot or if you have done swimming then soon after that you should apply sun screen on your skin.

side effects of sunscreen lotion

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However, sadly, some people who have sensitive skin get negatively affected by the chemicals as present in sunscreen lotions. Redness, itchiness, swelling etc can be some of the probable side effects of sun screen lotion. Try to search for the sunscreens as labeled as hypo allergic where the ingredient PABA is not present. This will help you keep away from allergies.

Here are some of the side effects of sunscreen lotions

Acne can become worse:

Acne is actually an embarrassing condition. You would want to get rid of it. But on applying sunscreen lotion you will realize that the acne is really worse. Thus, when you are having acne on your face you should make sure that you need to avoid sun screen lotion. But if you choose non-oily sun screen then it might help you.

Skin irritation:

Some people who might have very sensitive skin would get skin irritation. When such a thing happens all you should do is discontinue using the lotion.

Itching and itchy red spots:

Some people might get itching due to sun screen lotions and in some people there might be itchy red spots. It would be better to stop using sun screen at such times. Try to search for the hypo allergic option in sun screen and see you will get good results.

Eye irritation:

If you get irritation in eyes after applying sun screen lotion then try to keep a safe distance from eyes.

In order to avoid such side effects the best thing would be to use natural products that are free from chemicals. Try to get zinc oxide based sunscreens and this will really help you in some or the other way.

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There are some precautions that you need to take while using sunscreen lotions. The first thing is keep it away from children or else they might eat it or misuse the same and this might be harmful for the eyes of child too. Also, in case if you get any sort of allergic reaction by using any of the sunscreen lotion, you should immediately stop using the same. If required, you should talk to your doctor and he might guide you over the matter. Take his advice in regards to which sunscreen would be the best and free from side effects.

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