Coconut Oil- the Secret to Thick Beautiful Hair


Back in the childhood days, our mothers used to forcefully apply oil on our hair and basically soak our hair in oil. All the tantrums and sobs went unnoticed and we had to go to school with oily hair as much as we detested. What we failed to realize was that our mothers were actually doing us a favor. Massaging your hair with oil is the best thing you can do for your hair. Oil strengthens the hair as well makes it soft and shiny. Be it a girl or a boy, everyone longs for a head full of good hair. Even old ladies start complaining when they notice a few more hair strands on the brush as compared to usual. If you are tired of going to the market to pick some hair products for the hundredth time, then this article is perfect for you. Products laden with chemicals only worsen the quality of your hair. The secret to long shiny hair is in your own house itself. Coconut oil is like your hair’s best friend and after reading this article you will surely thank your mother!

Use Coconut Oil for Good Hair

Coconut Oil for Hair

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Pour some coconut oil in a bowl and heat it over the stove. Ensure that you do not overheat the oil. Apply the warm oil using your finger tips on your scalp and give yourself a good massage. This is the best way to improve blood circulation. Now take a comb and comb your hair gently so that the coconut oil reaches every strand of your hair. Leave the oil on your hair overnight and wash in the morning with a mild herbal shampoo. You can do this thrice in a week for good results.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair :

1) Prevents protein loss from hair :

Loss of protein can make your hair weak, dry and unhealthy. It also leads to excessive hair loss. Various studies have shown that using coconut oil is the best way to reduce protein loss from undamaged or damaged hair. Proteins aren’t found in coconut oil but it is the best way to curb hair fall.

2) Prevents hydral fatigue:

Hair gets damaged due to shrinking as well as swelling of fibres due to either water absorption or retention. This is known as hydral fatigue and it leads to hair fall. Using coconut oil is the best way to curb hydral fatigue and thereby hair loss.

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3) Strengthens roots :

A hair strand is just like a tube, hollow on the inside. When coconut oil is applied on the hair and the scalp, it penetrates deep within. This gives more volume to the hair and also fills up all the hair shafts. Regular application of coconut oil also reduces hair fall and strengthens the roots making your hair look denser and fuller.

4) Seals in the moisturizer

The moisturizer required by your hair gets sealed inside with the help of coconut oil. It makes your silky, lustrous and keeps it hydrated. Coconut oil protects your hair from external damage as well as from heat.

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