Causes of Loosing Hair


At present day every third person is suffering with the problem of hair fall and loosing. Mostly women are very much affected with this problem of hair fall, hair thinning etc. We all are aware of hair fall and loosening but few of us only know about the reason behind loosing hair. So today we are going to tell you why these days hair fall is becoming one of the major problem between us :-

Causes of loosing hair

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Major Causes of Loosing Hair:


one of the most major causes of hair fall is the pollution. Today everything is being polluted whether it is food, air, water or anything else which is the main reason of the hair fall. As these polluted air, water weakens the root of the hairs and damages the hairs and causes the hair fall. It is not possible to completely avoid the pollution but you can save yourself from it in many ways. For example-  whenever you are going outside cover your hairs completely to save yourself from air pollution, drink boil water and avoid the unpack food.

Insufficient Nutrients

most of the women to keep themselves slim and lean punish themselves in form of dieting. And they forgot that this kind of dieting make them slim but also harms their body and hairs too. Because if our body does not get the proper nutrients than also our hair becomes weak and causes the hair falls. It is good to keep yourself fit and healthy but it is also important to take proper diet for good and healthy hairs.

Improper Routine

in today’s fast life everyone is so busy with their work and job so much that they are emerged with in it only and not have the any proper routine of their job schedule. Late night job, inadequate sleep, late morning get up these all affects your health and hair too. Because of not having proper daily routine also makes your hairs weak and feeble. So keep your routine proper and as well in time to have thick and strong hairs.

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apart from others there are many more reasons for loosing hair and loosening like not caring of your hairs properly , not washing it correctly , not oiling your hairs  and lack of water in the body is also one of the main reason of hair fall. At least wash the hairs twice a week and do the hair and oil massage in a week to make the hair root strong and burly.

Therefore above are the causes of the hair weakness and fall. So keep these points in mind and make an appropriate and realistic time table for your daily routine and keep a proper care of your hair. It is also necessary to keep yourself happy and active to prevent yourself from hair fall because a happy and cheerful lifestyle also makes your body active which makes the hair roots strong too. Lastly drink at least 8-10 glass water in a day to stop the hair fall.

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