Causes of Hair Loss in Women


Hair loss is something quite common in women. But this is something that really affects her life negatively. Thus it is important to deal with the same. But in order to deal with hair loss all you need to do is first find out as to what is the root cause of the same. There might be several reasons which would cause hair loss. Here are some of the major causes of hair loss in women.

hair loss in women

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Causes of Hair Loss in Women

1. Medical conditions or medication:

If you are recovering from some surgery or out of pregnancy then chances are that you will face some hair loss. Also, if you have some illness and you are under medications then there are chances of hair loss. Under such conditions you need to talk to your doctor and he would be the best person to guide you as to how you should deal with hair loss.

2. Nutritional deficiency:

If you do not eat properly or if your diet lacks nutrition then there would be nutritional deficiency and this would show on your hair too.

3. Menopause:

Women who go through menopause often have problems with hormonal changes and this could be the reason for hair loss. The lack of balance in hormones can be the major cause of hair loss. In menopause what happens is fall in estrogen hormone which works as a villain for your hair.

4. Over styling and straightening of hair:

If you are too keep on styling and straightening your hair every now and then, you will face hair loss.

5. Fungal infections on scalp:

If you have fungal infections on scalp then your hair would also become brittle and there would be more instances of hair fall.

All you need to do is find out the exact cause of hair fall. If you can do that then you will be in the position to solve the problem.

We often have myths in our mind and we fear that if we do something that we will lose our hair. Like, if you are already having problem of hair fall and you want to color your hair. You will be apprehensive in doing that as you would feel that it will increase the problem of hair fall. In reality, you can color the hair with the good brand of hair color. If you do, it won’t hurt too much. You actually have to fight with the root cause of hair loss.

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Some women or men might think that shaving the hair off would help in getting better and thicker hair in the next lot. But you will be disappointed with the results. Rather than shaving off the hair find out what has caused the problem of hair fall in you.

You should have some idea about the hair cycle. Basically there are two phases of hair. One is Anagen and the other is Telogen. In the second phase Telogen mostly 20% of your hair might go into the resting mode. But if more than that jumps on the second stage of resting then there would be more of hair fall.

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