Can Sweating Cause Hair Loss in Men and Women ?


People often have a myth in mind that sweating is very good and it would remove all the toxins from your body. Sweating, in fact is a healthy mechanism but still, too much of it can be harmful for scalp and hair. Sweat has lactic acid and this may make your scalp prone to conditions like hair loss. So here in this article let us discuss whether Sweating Cause Hair Loss in Men and Women.

When lactic acid in sweat with keratin in hair, there is hair loss and hair damage! Also, sweaty scalp can lead to fungal and bacterial infections and this can make the condition grave. Now, since this makes it clear that how sweaty scalp leads to hair loss it is vital to talk about the remedies of the same.

Can Sweating Cause Hair Loss

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Remedies for Reducing Sweat on Scalp

• If the weather is humid then it is for sure that there would be too much sweat on the scalp and thus you must wash off your hair and scalp thoroughly with a good quality shampoo. This is one of the best ways to avoid hair loss due to sweat.

• If you want you can massage your scalp with olive oil or coconut oil. Both these oils are anti bacterial and help in fighting of scalp related infections. After keeping the oil for half the day you can wash that off with a good shampoo.

• Keep the hair loose so that there would be air passage between them. Some people have habit to tie very tight pony or braid. For them, the advice is, wear loose hair to avoid hair loss.

• You should take hair spa once in a month. In this you will see that steam is also given to scalp. This would help in removal of all sorts of dirt and toxins. Thus, even this will help in getting rid of sweat and the remnants. This is a good preventive measure for hair loss.

• You must have a healthy diet and healthy hair regime. This will help you prevent too much of sweat. Also, you must drink gallons of water to stay hydrated. Keep a good watch over hair and scalp hygiene and see how that will help you.

Hair loss is a rising problem among youngsters and adults. It is important to take the right steps when it comes to hair care. Hair is something you should be extra cautious about as they are quite sensitive and prone to damage soon. If sweat is the reason for hair loss then you must find out how you can prevent sweat and hair loss.

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A few changes in lifestyle will also help in controlling scalp sweat and this includes:

• staying at peace and without stress
• deep meditation and breathing methods
• active lifestyle
• exercise
• good hair hygiene

If you follow all the above remedies you can help yourself with maintaining good hair strands. Everyone wish to have beautiful hair and with proper care you can have them.

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