Can Lemon Contribute in Hair Growth ? How ?


Lemon is the citrus fruit that helps in adding taste to a lot of things. But apart from that it helps you in hair growth as well! Looking for long luscious and healthy hair? Try out lemon. Here we show you a few potent ways that would help you use lemon for hair growth. But before that let us discuss as to why lemon is considered as a useful fruit for general well-being and for hair. Lemon is rich in citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, pectin, and flavonoids. If you include this in your daily diet you will surely have wonderful hair strands and healthy scalp.

Lemon for Hair Growth

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How would Lemon help you in Hair Growth?

1. Lemon juice when applied on scalp can help in fighting off dandruff and scalp related infections. But if you feel irritation on your scalp then you must avoid using the same.

2. Lemon juice when mixed with other ingredients can become good hair pack option and when that is applied on hair strands you will get shining and healthy hair. It helps in repairing damaged and frizzy hair.

3. After taking out lemon juice, the residue that you have would have good amount of compound limonene and this can be massaged on the scalp. It would help in making hair follicles stronger.

4. Using lemon juice would be good for hair and hair growth as well.

How to use Lemon for Healthy Hair Recipes?

♥ Drinking lemon juice everyday or at least thrice a week would help in keeping you healthy in general manner. It would promote hair growth and beautiful skin naturally.

♥ If you are looking for a wonderful hair pack that would leave your hair shining then you should take some yogurt, add honey and lemon juice into it. This hair pack when applied should be kept for 30 minutes and then wash off with water and mild shampoo.

♥ You can even mix egg yoke with lemon juice and olive oil. This would be a good pre-conditioning option. This would make hair damage free, healthy and shining. Of course, this would promote hair growth as well.

♥ You can mix lemon juice and coconut water. Now apply this on your hair strands and scalp. This would help in keeping scalp healthy. Also, it would be good for hair growth.

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We hope you liked all the above recipes using lemon for hair growth. Lemon is a versatile ingredient and it has lots of benefits for general well-being of health. Lemon also helps in losing weight, solving digestive issues, Supplying ample of vitamins in your body, cleansing the body, making the body free from toxins and so on. So, using lemon in your cooking and diet would promote your health and it would also be very good for hair. These are not the findings of the current days. You will see that these natural remedies using lemon have prevailed since ages. Even our grannies have used these remedies for beautification and health.

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