What can Cause Eyebrow Hair Loss ?


Some people face eyebrow hair loss. There can be varied reasons for the same. There can be thinning and loss of eye brow hair and here are the reasons for the same. But before you look into these things you must get the health checked up. If there seems to be some major issue in health then you have to talk to your doctor.

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The Major Causes of Eyebrow Hair Loss

1. Lack of nutrition:

You may have poor diet and there would b deficiency in nutrition. Often, iron and zinc deficiency can lead to loss of hair. Some people even face hair loss in eye brows. For them the best options would be to take vitamin D supplements, iron and zinc supplements and vitamin B supplements. Also, one should take good care of diet. This will help in balancing nutritional levels in the body.

2. Ageing:

Ageing can be a major cause of eyebrow hair loss. But this should not be an excuse. Even in old age you must take some of the steps like staying well-hydrated, well nourished and out of stress. Also, it would be vital to talk to the doctor if you have issues related to health.

3. Thyroid:

Thyroid is a common issue and many people suffer from this. If you start getting a few symptoms then you must talk to the doctor and he would tell you about a few diagnostic tests. This would reveal as to what health ailment you have.

4. Atopic eczema:

If you have atopic eczema then too there are chances of thinning of eyebrow hair.

There are many ways in which you can prevent the problem:

♥ When you feel that thinning and a bit of hair loss in the eye brows have started you should start massaging that part with olive oil or castor oil. This will help in nourishing the eyebrow hairs.

♥ You can talk to your doctor and he would immediately help you with the supplements that would pass on some nutrition to the body.

♥ If you have hair loss in eye brows you should avoid too much direct heat. If you like taking too much of steam or going out in sun light then you must avoid that especially when you face hair loss. You can apply sun screen lotion with the relevant SPF.

♥ If there is some infection around that area or if there is problem like eczema then you must apply aloe gel. Freshly extracted aloe gel can really help in keeping these things under control.

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It is said that prevention is better than cure. If you prevent have issues like hair loss in eye brows then you must start with the treatments quickly. Without eyebrows your forehead would not look too good. Thus, you must take the right steps for the same. Some people lose weight radically and so this can also lead to hair loss. Just find out the exact cause and then give yourself the right treatment.

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