Blackheads and Egg white what’s the Connection ?


Blackheads are something we often get irritated due to. This is because they come again and again. We often think as to which natural remedy would work wonders for this problem. Well, now, we have an amazing easy and quick remedy for blackheads. Use egg white for blackheads. Yes, blackheads and egg white have a connection.

Blackheads and Egg white what’s the Connection ?

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How does egg white help in making blackheads invisible ? 

We often ignore petty remedies thinking that they might not be that effective. But this is not right. For getting rid of blackheads and bid them a bye forever, all you need is egg white and a tissue. That’s it!

  • Take egg white in a bowl and beat it for a while.
  • After you are done with that, take small pieces of tissue paper and then apply it all over the face. A single layer of tissue would do. Just leave your lips, nostrils and eyes open.
  • Once all these tissues settle down, you should again apply one more layer of egg white. Now, let this dry up. You should not talk till you have this egg white pack on your face. Now, after it gets dry, you should start peeling upwards. Yes, this would give you freedom from blackheads.

Also, egg white has the tendency to tighten the skin pores. You will see that further this problem would not come too easily. You can even create a scrub out of egg white and this would also help in getting rid of blackheads quickly.

Scrub made out of egg white for blackheads

This magic scrub would help those who have problem of blackheads. Take some suji and add some sugar into it. Now take egg white in a bowl and mix that with these two ingredients. Now, mix them all properly. Apply this on your face. While you are applying, you should massage gently in circular motion. Keep this for 30 minutes and then wash of the face with warm water and a good face wash. You will see that the skin pores would get cleansed properly and also this will tighten the skin pores. You should use the scrub remedy once a week.  Blackheads are really quite irritating and so if you wish to keep them at bay, try this remedy as a protective remedy.

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Also, you must try to include more of fresh fruits and veggies in your diet. This is because; this would help you get freedom from excess oiliness on your skin. Drink lots of water and try to keep your skin clean. If you take these preventive steps then you will seek prevention from blackheads. Try egg white for blackheads and feel the difference.

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