Best Teeth Whitening Home Remedies to Lighten up your Life


It is but natural that no one would like yellow smile. White teeth have always been in trend and that really helps in seeking attention as well as making a mark. But some people are really quite apprehensive to try teeth whitening procedures. But the good news is that there are some tested natural remedies for teeth whitening and you should try them. The importance of teeth-whitening lies in the confidence that you will show up once your teeth are ready to lighten up the room. You can visit the dental expert for such procedures and if you don’t have time then you can follow the remedies for teeth-whitening as given below.

Teeth Whitening

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Best Teeth Whitening Remedies you should try at Home

Before we start with the remedies we need to accept that yellow teeth or teeth discoloration is a natural part of ageing. But with the natural remedies there would be no involvement of chemicals and still you can remove the yellow stains from your teeth.

1. Eat Fruits like Apple and Strawberry:

If you eat apples and strawberries daily then you can remove the yellow stains from the teeth. Both apples and strawberries are rich in malic acid which has the tendency to give teeth whitening naturally.

2. Eat Crunchy Veggies:

If you eat crunchy veggies like cucumber, cabbage etc this will work like natural toothbrush. The excess oil will also be removed by simply chewing crunchy fruits and veggies. Also, it can remove yellow stains from your teeth.

3. Floss your Teeth:

You should floss your teeth twice or thrice a day. This remedy is much better than brushing itself. People who regularly floss their teeth can keep away from yellow teeth stains and bad breath.

4. Baking Soda and Lemon:

You should make a solution out of lemon juice and baking soda. Apply this solution on your brush and simply brush your teeth lightly. This will give your teeth amazing white color. But some people with sensitive teeth may feel that this would damage teeth enamel. For such people other remedies would be better than this.

5. Use Straw while Consuming Tea, Coffee and Alcohol:

Tea, coffee and alcohol, all these beverages can damage teeth enamel. Thus all you can do is use straw while consuming them. This can reduce the chances of teeth stains and yellowness.

6. Use salt Gargles:

You should add a bit of salt while you take up gargling. This will remove all the dirt from the teeth. If possible, you should use warm water and salt for gargling.

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The above home remedies like consuming healthy fruits and vegetables give you teeth-whitening benefits and apart from that they also benefit your health in general. Thus rather than the bleaches as available at dentist’s clinic it would be better to try such amazing home remedies. Now you understand how simple it is to get beautiful white teeth. It is not at all tough.

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