The Best Remedies for Foot Odor


Foot Odor can be irritating and it can really create kind of bad atmosphere around. It is vital that you quickly find some solution for this or else you may end up remaining friendless. People find this odor quite intolerable. Foot odor in the medical dictionary has the name Bromhidrosis. In this, there would be bad odor from foot and this is mainly because bacteria would find residence in stinking and sweaty feet. But yes, there are best remedies for foot odor and these remedies will help you get rid of the same.

The Best Remedies for Foot Odor

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Remedies for Foot Odor

1. Wash off your feet well:

Buy a good quality deodorant soap and wash your feet thoroughly. This will help in keeping away and washing off the bacteria on your feet. You must wash your feet at least 3-4 times a day. Also, when you come from outside and remove your shoes, you should wash your feet. But often some people with a sensitive skin may get cracked feet due to frequent washing; these people should reduce the number of washes.

2. Use deodorants and antiperspirants:

If you have smelly feet due to sweat then you can use either deodorants or antiperspirants for the same. Deo’s will just remove the odor and antiperspirant will stop the sweat and remove the odor too.

3. Wear the best quality socks and change them once a day:

You must wear good quality socks made out of good material and the socks should be free from dye as well. This will help to keep away the bacteria that would otherwise contribute in stinking. Also, if you have to wear the socks all day then change it once in 12 hours.

4. Avoid rubber shoes:

Rubber shoes do not have the tendency to breathe and thus if you wear them you will feel more stinking. Try to settle down for leather or canvas shoes. You can even select open shoes like sandals.

5. Wash your sneakers:

If your sweaty sneakers are washable then you can wash them off in washing machine. But when you want to dry them dry them naturally in sun.

6. Sprinkle corn starch in your shoes:

If your shoes stink a lot due to sweat then you must take measures to reduce the moisture in the feet. Put some corn starch in the shoes as this will absorb excess moisture.

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7. Avoid strong foods:

Strong foods like onion and garlic would also smell in your sweat. Thus, when you are already suffering from sweaty feet, you need to opt for foods that are simple and less stinking.

We hope that you find the above home remedies for foot odor quite helpful. This is because, foot odor can really be quite irritating and you can actually feel that. But more than your nose, other peoples’ nose would feel the smell and this would really be quite disgusting. Thus make sure that you follow the above simple and affordable remedies as they are quite cheap and without any hassle.

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