Best Natural Supplements


Natural supplements include a variety of herbs, amino acids, minerals and multivitamins. These natural nutritional supplements can be used for various reasons like to provide support to the immune system, boost energy and health, reduce the risk of age-related diseases and illness, to improve the performance in mental and athletic activities as well as for providing support to the healing process during disease and illness. Most of these products are not regulated as drugs but treated as normal foods.

Some of the best natural supplements are as follows :

Probiotics - Natural Supplements

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1) Probiotics

Friendly flora are a vital part of the body’s detoxification, digestive and immune system. In fact, the hundred trillion bacteria that reside in the digestive system comprise 4 pounds of the body weight. Friendly flora like L.bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus among various others assist in the breakdown of food. These wonderful bacteria are also a vital part of the immune system, restricting the overgrowth of microbes that are infectious. It also treats as well as prevents eczema, traveller’s diarrhea and childhood constipation. People suffering from chronic digestive problems like Crohn’s disease, colitis and irritable bowl syndrome can use these probiotics as a solution.

Garlic - Natural Supplements

2) Garlic

Garlic supplements are well known for preventing flu and cold and to lower the levels of homocysteine and cholesterol. The elasticity of the aorta goes on reducing with aging and with high cholesterol and blood pressure. This elasticity can be protected with the help of garlic. Garlic is also very beneficial in in curbing the development of arterial plaque and also for decreasing the existing plaque’s size. According to various researches people should start supplementing garlic in their twenties and thirties to avoid plaque buildup.

Ashwagandha - Natural Supplements

3) Ashwagandha

Chronic stress affects every tissue of the body. The best supplement to reduce the effects of stress is this wonderful herb Ashwagandha. It is called by various names like withania, winter cherry and Indian ginseng, this herb is very similar to the Chinese ginseng as they both provide support to the energy level. But it is much better tolerated and gentler. Ashwagandha is used in Ayurveda medicine for infertility, asthma, impotence, bronchitis, chronic disease, waning memory and fatigue. This herb is also known for increasing the red blood cell production in kids to improve anemia.

Green Tea - Natural Supplements

4) Green tea

People who drink green tea on a regular basis are found to have less chances of cancer. Green tea provides protection from breast cancer as well other cancers including esophagus, colon, stomach, prostate, lung, liver, skin, ovary, bladder, oral leukemia and leukemia. Green tea helps to reduce the level of bad cholesterol and increase the level of good cholesterol.

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Fish Oil - Natural Supplements

5) Fish oil and omega-3

Fish oils are a direct and one of the best source 2 long chain fatty acids called as DHA ( docosahexaenoic acid) EPA ( eicosapentaenoic acid). The fish oil contains anti-inflammatory properties because of these fatty acids. These properties enable it to thin the blood, reduce inflammation as well as balance the immune system.

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