Best Makeup Tips for Dusky Skin Tone


Every skin color is beautiful in its own wonderful way. Many people have the assumption that dusky skin tones and make up don’t go together. But this is assumption is very wrong. Just like fair people use make up to enhance their looks similarly women with dusky skin tones too can use make up to look even more gorgeous. If you have a dusky skin tone and you are wondering why you ever bought make up, then you should pause and read this article. This article will tell you some amazing makeup tips for dusky skin color and by the end of this article, you will rush to the nearby make up store to buy some more make up!

Best Makeup Tips for Dusky Skin Tone

Best Makeup Tips for Dusky Skin Tone:

1) Foundation

While selecting a foundation, go for the one which matches your skin tone. Do not opt for the darker louder shades, they will not suit your skin tone and wont do anything for you. If you want to enhance your beautiful darker tone then opt for a beautiful light color to highlight. There are plenty of foundations with a cream base, choose which suits you the best.

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2) Concealer

The concealer not only hides all the blemishes but also helps in making your skin tone. You can even use it if you have any sort of discoloration. Your skin tone is on the darker side so for neutralizing your tone, opt for brighter colors such as orange or red. But do not forget to set it with the help of some loose powder.

3) Powder

Do not skip this step as you have dusky skin tone and you surely must apply a powder. If your skin is too oily then you can opt for a translucent powder. Apply this powder with a large and good powder brush.

4) Blush to Simple

For making your cheeks blush, go for simple, light and cool colors as these colors are perfect for dusky skin colors. Opt for dark orange, pink, as well as coral colors as these blushes will make you look even more gorgeous. If you are one of those who feel as if they are blush starts to disappear by noon then go for a good cream based blush as it will stay for longer time.

5) Colors to Lips

The most suitable lip colors for dusky tones are plum, brown, wine as well as burgundy. Pale colors are not for you and it is best if you stay away from these colors. You can apply some gloss over it so as to make your lips look shiny.

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6) Eye Shadow

The best thing about having dusky skin tone is more variety of eye shadows to choose from. You can opt for brown, bronze, copper, blue and navy. You can even opt for the wonderful metallic golden shade along with a good dark shade as base to make your eyes look more attractive.

So, you are heading over to the make up store, right?

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