Best Fashion Tips you must Know


We all love to follow trends and to make our wardrobe fabulous and exciting. If you are a total fashionista and your wardrobe is drool worthy, then you might want to read this article. Fashion changes from time to time but there are certain things which never go out of style. We have the best fashion tips for all those who adore fashion and have a wonderful unique style. Let’s begin!

Best Fashion Tips

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Best Fashion Tips:

1) Accessorize in Brights

If you are in love with nudes like black, navy, camel and gray then you need to invest in some bright accessories which give a pop of color to your outfit. Buy some green bags or some blue shoes. If you are an adventurous diva, then flaunt a cool bag and stunning pair of heels- in different colors!

2) Throw on a Scarf

Some people do not realize how classy and gorgeous scarfs can look. Some of the women you admire for their fashion sense always carry a stunning scarf with them. It can take your look from a 8 to a 10.

3) Open your Mind

The same dress which you think will make you look hideous can actually make you look like the diva you wish to be. Always try different clothes, a fitting room is for this. Take a few clothes you don’t think are suitable for you and try them on.

4) When in Doubt, Wear nude pumps

Nude pumps are basically your savior and every girl should have at least one pair. They can be matching to your skin tone and if you are on the shorter side then these pumps will make you look tall and gorgeous.

5) Stripe it up

Casual yet gorgeous? Stripes is what you need. Buy a cute shirt with stripes and you are ready for your cool weekend. You will even earn some wonderful compliments.

6) Never Buy a Boring Coat

Most women spend huge bucks on cute shirts but wear the same coat year after year. Remember your coat is what people see before they look at your outfit. So it is very necessary to invest a classy and fun coat especially if you want to create a good first impression.

7) Own Something Leopard Print

Make sure that your wardrobe has something in leopard print. It is a total must have as it makes you look glamorous and gorgeous. Be it a skirt or a belt, leopard prints are your best friend.

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8) Get Studs

Every women should invest in some studs. These studs can be fake or real, large or tiny, they will make you look gorgeous and the best part is that you can wear them with all your outfits.

9) Dress your Body not your Age

If you mind says you are old but your body says that the skirt will make you stunning, buy it. Always dress according your body. You are never too old to look drop dead gorgeous.

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