Best 5 Ways to Avoid Diabetes Damage


By now you might have accepted the fact that you have diabetes. It is definitely a complicated disorder but you don’ have to lose hope. If you manage the high blood sugar in your body well then you can surely save yourself from diabetes related damage. Diabetes can lead to other health issues like retinopathy, neuropathy and so on. Here are the best 5 ways that will help you postpone or avoid the complications that diabetes can create within you.

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Best 5 ways to stay away from diabetes damage

Make correct choice of food items:

You should choose your food items in a prudent way. Since carbohydrates get turned into sugar, you should have less carbs in your food. If at all you have to take carbs then select the complex ones which would take time to break down rather than the simple ones which would immediately break down and get converted into sugar. Make sure that you have everything in small portions or else it would create complications in you. In diabetes, if you manage your weight and blood sugar properly then you can surely postpone the diabetes related complexities.

Stay active:

If you stay active and are very much ready to burn your calories then it can really help you in maintaining the appropriate blood sugar levels.  Burn calories more than your intake and thus you should keep away from a sedentary lifestyle. Make sure that you stay active and take up exercises too.

Reduce salt intake:

Many people who have diabetes feel that they can take salt abundantly. But this is not right. Excess salt can create complications for kidneys and it might also end up in high blood pressure. Patients who suffer from diabetes should reduce salt intake to avoid further damage of the metabolic system.

Take care of bruises:

People who have diabetes often have the risk of infection. Also, the healing is often slow. Thus, the patients should always remain injury proof. Try to check the cuts and bruises in your feet at regular intervals. This will help you avoid any sort of emergency.

Monitor your blood sugar levels and visit doctor at regular intervals:

Monitor your blood sugar level at regular intervals. If you wish you can buy a home blood sugar monitor and get the reading on it every week. This will help you to get an idea as to where you need better controls. Also, you should schedule appointment with the doctor at least once a month and give him feedback about your health.

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If you take care of the above things then you will be saved from the complications. Diabetes is a silent killer and it always enhances the risk of heart attack in the patient. Thus keeping blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control would be an important thing to do. Eyes, nerve sand kidneys are always at a risk for the patients who have diabetes.

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