Benefits of Jaggery, you Never Knew


We often keep away from things that are sweet. Jaggery or gur is also sweet in nature and thus we feel that it might affect health negatively. But it is exactly the opposite. Gur or jaggery is good for your skin and for overall health and wellness. If you have to make a choice between sugar and jaggery then you should select jaggery as it is a sweetening agent but still has some of the plant minerals stored in it.

benefits of jaggeryHere we mention the benefits of jaggery which you have never known till date:

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Benefits of Jaggery for Skin and Health

1. Makes skin healthy:

Jaggery is nutritious and thus it helps in keeping your skin good in tone and texture. It can keep your skin glowing. Also, having gud daily in your meals would help keeping away from acne. People who have problems like dark circles or black spots can also try this natural remedy.

2. Helps in maintaining your digestive system at its best:

People who have poor digestion should try including jaggery in daily diet. It has the power to keep your digestive health very well. Thus, people who have poor digestion should have the habit of eating some jaggery after meals. This is because jaggery works towards reducing the digestive disorders.

3. Maintains healthy bowel movements:

Those who have required quantity of jaggery daily in meals can ensure good bowel movements. Thus, in one way, you can keep from all sorts of digestive track infections or something like that.

4. Good for pregnant women:

Those who have problems like anemia should have foods rich in jaggery. Also, pregnant women need more iron in their meals. Having foods rich with jaggery would really help in keeping your health at its best.

5. Helps in weight loss:

It is believed that jaggery is lower in calories as compared to sugar. Thus, it is a better sweetening agent. If you are on a weight loss diet then you should include gud in your meals.

6. Helps in immunity enhancement:

It helps in making your immune system better. It purifies the blood and also nourishes the body. It cleanses your entire system and makes your body immune to various diseases.

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7. It is rich in antioxidants:

It is rich in antioxidants and thus it can even work as something that helps in cancer prevention. Having antioxidant rich foods would also help in postponing the ageing signs. It also helps in getting a good defense from infections like cough and cold.

Due to above benefits, kids are given jaggery in abundance, in foods. But when we grow up, we think that jaggery being sweet, it might increase the calories. Thus, we do not take that seriously. But, we are sure after reading the above health benefits of it, you will really start including them in your meals. Stay disease free by eating some jaggery in your food. Of course, it is not at all tough by any way.

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