Beer – Boon for the Hair Growth


You can bathe in beer, boil shrimps in it and even fertilize your grass with its help. But most of the people are unaware that beer is a boon for the hair growth. Beer has some of the vital ingredients such as hops and malt. These ingredients are loaded with proteins that are very helpful for strengthening the hair cuticles. The cuticle is nothing but a layer of all dead cells forming a covering on the outermost part of the hair shaft. When the cuticle gets damages, these dead cells are rough and raised.

Benefits of Beer for Hair Growth:

Beer - Boon for the Hair Growth

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If you apply all these proteins derived from beer on your hair, the cuticles will start arranging themselves in the proper order. We all color, straighten, blow dry and curl our hair. All these things may get you desired look for that time but it can actually damage your hair in the long run. Beer is the best thing for weak hair. It can make your precious locks.

Beer is one of the best things for life less, dry and unhealthy hair. Using beer, you can regain the lost shine of your hair. Once these proteins bind with your hair cuticles, the now smoothed surface will reflect more light. In other words, your hair will look lustrous and beautiful than ever. Beer contains alcohol which is another good thing to make your hair shiny. Alcohol contains natural sugars and the vital Vitamin B which can work wonders for your hair.

Beer as a Hair Rinse

If you wish to use beer for rinsing your hair, mix it along with water at room temperature and add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to cut down the smell of beer. Once you have used shampoo as well as conditioner, use the beer rinse to saturate your hair. Soak your hair in the beer for a couple of minutes before you rinse it off. Using a beer rinse every day isn’t a good idea, it can make your hair dry but you can use once in a month.

Beer as a Leave in Conditioner

If you wish to use beer as a leave in conditioner, just prepare the same mixture and pour it in a spray bottle. This is the best trick for people with frail, thin and weak hair. It can add volume to your hair and will make you fall in love with your hair. Once the proteins bind to your hair shafts, your hair will start looking voluminous.

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Beer as Shampoo

Take a cup of beer and heat it until it has reduce to only a quarter. Once the beer has cooled down, take a shampoo and add some of it to the beer. Mix well. Now bottle this mixture. Your beer shampoo is ready. You can even opt for a ready beer shampoo If you aren’t too keen on preparing your own shampoo.
So now that you are aware of the hair benefits provided by beer, it is time to try it.

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