Avocados are Tasty and Healthy Food: include in your Diet


Health freaks have understood that avocados are quite healthy. Thus, this has become the latest health food in America and elsewhere. This can be eaten raw or mashed. It can be garnished with salt and pepper. The reason why you should have avocados is because it helps to enhance your life span and give you very healthy life. In fact, in USA more and more restaurant chains are serving healthy avocado dishes. But you must make the food choices wisely. This is because; if it is served as a healthy option at home then its food. But when it’s just flattered as healthy food in restaurants then you should be careful. Avocados have bit of high fat content. But you can see that there is lot of nutrition in that and this is what makes it a fit food.

Avocados - Healthy Foods

Source: www.healthination.com

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Here’s how Avocados can keep you Healthy

1. You can add rich avocado in any of your curries or veggies. It would add nutritional value to your food. This food is very rich in vitamin A, D, E and K. So, your body can get you the perfect nutritional supply.

2. Experts suggest that the combination of avocado oil and soy oil can provide help in arthritis. Also, people who have osteoarthritis should opt for these kinds of natural treatments.

3. Avocados are rich in antioxidants and thus they provide you with cancer fighting ability. You can seek prevention from many other diseases too.

4. Avocados can help in reducing bad cholesterol and it gives boost to good cholesterol in the body. Thus your body can become free from issues that would otherwise cause heart problems.

5. Avocados are very much important for healthy eyes. The eye tissues would be strengthened if you take this everyday.

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Above all, this is heat healthy food and also helps in promoting weight loss. If you include avocado is your diet everyday then you will realize that your body would stay free form hunger pangs. This will promote weight loss. Avocados can help in making your muscles stronger and thus all you must do is eat avocados everyday. It will promote your metabolic system and your general health.

With avocado you can improve your diet quality. It will help in regulating blood sugar levels. Thus eating avocados daily can give you lots and lots of health benefits. This is what makes it the best choice. These days’ people call it a super food and yes it is. But rather than eating the avocado dishes in restaurant you must create your own recipes at home and consume the same.

Add avocado to your banana and strawberry smoothie for enhanced taste and diet. You an even add the mashed avocado to your veggies. The creamy taste would be quite tempting and you will feel great. In this way you can plan out your meal and try to include avocado to the diet.

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