Are your eyes a mess by the end of the day? Here are some tips to prevent eyeliner from running


Does your eyeliner always run, making you look stupid? Often, by the time you near the end of the day, eyeliner tends to run, ruining your look and confidence. If you’ve tried all kinds of things to prevent your eyeliner from running but have failed, why not try these tips to prevent eyeliner from running? They are tried and tested and will keep you looking your best all day long.

Here are some tips to prevent eyeliner from running

Tips to Prevent Eyeliner from Running:

Pick a respected brand of eyeliner:

From all the different brands of eyeliner that sit on the shelves of your beauty store, spend a little time choosing a reliable brand. Discard the cheaper ones and go for a premium eyeliner, at least for those special occasions.

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Get your face ready for makeup:

Before you wear any kind of makeup, always wash your face and keep it clean of a pile-up of your natural oils and dirt. If you ignore this and apply your eyeliner over a layer of dirt and oil, it won’t stay in place and will very likely run. On your clean face, apply an eye primer on your eyelids before you apply eye shadow and eyeliner so that the latter stays in place all day.

Choose an eyeliner that matches your skin type:

Match your eyeliner with your skin type, so if yours is exceptionally oily, go for a pencil eyeliner that would be firm, rather than soft and runny. These days, eyeliners are available in a variety of forms–liquid, gel, pencil, soft kohl and crayon. Match these to suit your skin type and see the difference it makes. If you don’t know what to choose, go with a waterproof eyeliner. For one thing, it will stay on for the entire day.

Seal in your eyeliner:

If you choose not to go with a waterproof eyeliner, you can always opt for a sealer that will keep your eyeliner in position without having the fear of it streaking your face.

Apply, smudge, apply:

Use this technique of applying eyeliner to get the best effect and for the longest duration. Remember to smudge it really well and you will get long-lasting eyeliner that won’t run down your face.

Use blotting sheets:

After all the effort you take to apply your eyeliner perfectly, it is frustrating to find your eyeliner run and melt into your oily skin. This happens when about noon, your eyes manufacture oils which makes your eyeliner dissolve into it. To prevent such an occurrence, blot your eyes with oil blotting paper, particularly when you see your face shine. This keeps the eyeliner in place for much longer. Among all the tips to prevent eyeliner from running mentioned here, I think this one really works.

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Using concealer is a good idea:  

Perhaps, you’ve experienced your eyeliner run into the fine lines below your eyes, giving everyone the impression that you’ve got a black eye. Actually, you can prevent this from happening by applying concealer before you apply your eyeliner. The concealer works to smoothen the fine lines and helps keep the eyeliner from trickling down into them. Once you’ve done this, dab on some translucent powder.

Try some of these tips to prevent eyeliner from running and see how your face brightens up and remains so until you’re ready to drop at night.


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