Are Extreme Weight Loss Methods Useful or Dangerous ?


More and more people have the pressure of weight loss on their minds and this is what makes them take up certain extreme acts that would target weight loss. But not all such acts are safe. It is always better to lose weight scientifically and gradually. But some people are quite obsessed with having a good slim body and thus they want quick results. Such an obsession can make you prone to extreme weight loss methods and in one way it is thoroughly dangerous.

But still some people get into extreme weight loss methods. You will be surprised to find how obsessed are people and what kind of extreme methods they use for weight loss.

Extreme Weight Loss Methods

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Some Extreme ways of Weight Loss

1. Stomach stapling for very obese people:

People who are too obese and have no other option left can try stomach stapling. In this, a pouch is created in the stomach and around one ounce of food this pouch can hold. But this is very risky method. It would be better to try other methods. But if nothing works then one can go for this. But it has risk of severe stomach infection. Try some methods which are minimally invasive.

2. Liposuction:

Some people want the fats to be sucked away. Thus such people opt for liposuction. In this incision is made and then a tube is inserted and the tube has to go down. This tube sucks the layer of fat. But it can lead to bruising and thus it should be done only under supervision of a popular and reputed surgeon.

3. Appetite curbing medications:

Market is flooded with many medications that would suppress your appetite and thus remove your need to eat food. You won’t feel hungry at all. But mind well, such medications are addictive in nature and they tend to problems like blood pressure, sleep problems, palpitations and immune system compromise.

4. Use of laxatives almost everyday:

You should rely on your natural feel of going to the toilet. It is not safe to take laxatives everyday. Some people push the food out even while it has not been absorbed properly in the body and they think that it would make them thinner. Well, it is risky and it would also cause fluid loss in the body.

5. Diuretics:

Some people make wrong use of diuretics and take that as a weight loss means. But this is wrong. In fact, taking too much of diuretics can lead to water retention which can be highly endangering to kidneys.

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6. Starving:

Some people take up complete starving. Well, this can really be problematic for body. This is because this can cause internal damage in the body. Some people don’t starve completely but what they do is have only fruits, veggies and water. But again, this would collapse you soon as the body needs food from almost all the groups.

The above methods are extreme and they guarantee no benefit. Thus don’t be stupid to try them. You should reduce carbs intake and also enhance your physical activities. A proper weight loss program should be planned and designed and this can give good results.

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