How to Alter Lifestyle and Control Cholesterol ?


In very few cases high cholesterol is due to genetics. It is mostly due to the kind of lifestyle that we lead. Thus, if we make certain minor alternations in the kind of way we live and the food that we eat then we can surely control cholesterol problem. High cholesterol can be connected with heart problems. But if you wish to keep your heart healthy then just look out for the very best solutions.

How to Alter Lifestyle and Control Cholesterol

The Best 5 Lifestyle Changes that would help in Control Cholesterol:

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1. Exercise daily:

When you take up exercising daily, you will see that there would be more of HDLL which is high density lipoprotein. It means that the LDL means low density lipoprotein would be lowered automatically. By exercising daily, you can really stay fit and keep the chances of a heart attack away. Of course, if you manage your weight and also take good control of the way you love, you can seek prevention from the coronary heart diseases.

2. Have healthy diet:

If you are diagnosed with high cholesterol then making certain changes in your diet would also help you a lot. Start having more of fruits, vegetables, organic foods and cut down on refined sugar, refined floor, fatty meals and too much of fats. These kind of changes in you diet will help you in reducing cholesterol levels.

3. Make some alterations in cooking patterns:

You should all of a sudden become a smart cook. Avoid using too much of butter or oil for frying or cooking. Just spray a little oil in the pan when you start cooking food. Avoid deep frying. Steaming and baking would be better options.

4. Avoid smoking:

Studies indicate that people who smoke would be prone to high cholesterol and thus, if you cit down or smoking and leave the habit completely you will be able to control cholesterol as well.

5. Have a heart healthy diet:

You must start with a handful of nuts daily. The healthy nuts would include almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts and so on. These would help in reducing the levels of cholesterol in the body. Try to get into smart eating and with such heart healthy foods you can reduce the bad cholesterol to a greater extent.

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6. Stay active:

You must avoid the sedentary lifestyle. Just get active and see the magic. When you start with these things you will realize that you have really achieved a lot.

People who can bring down their weight and BMI Index to a certain extent can also get benefit in the cholesterol problems. So, approach a healthy life and diet and make sure that you have lots of fresh foods and green foods in your diet. A peg of red wine once a week would also bring down the levels of cholesterol in the body. Try to achieve this goal: Increase good cholesterol that is HDL and Decrease bad cholesterol in the body that is LDL. Try the above natural remedies and see.

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