9 Essential Makeup Tips for Round Face


There are innumerous make up tips for a round face but finding the tricks which actually work is a task. People with round faces look alluringly feminine, innocent and soft but by using the wrong make up they make their features appear heavier. .A round face is beautiful in its own way and by applying a few simple make up tricks you can enhance your beauty much more. If you have a rounded face and are looking for handy tips, these are the best makeup tips for round face, you have come to the right place.

9 Essential Makeup Tips for Round Face

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9 Essential Makeup Tips for Round Face:

1) Contour

The goal for every women with a round face is to make it a bit slimmer and not very round. Contouring is the best beauty tip for round face. Contouring is a boon for all those who have a rounded face as it makes your face appear longer and not so round.

2) Apply blush under your cheek bones

One of the many make up tips for a round face is to avoid applying blush to the apples of your cheeks as it only makes your face look more rounder. Instead apply blush on the underside of your cheeks. This will not make your face look too round and will give it a bit of an elongated look.

3) Brown tones

Brown tones are perfect for a round face. These tones are perfect for highlighting and also make all the eye colors pop.

4) Berry tones

If you have a round face but wish to make your lips pop then berry tones are perfect for you. This make up tip is very handy and the only thing you need is a little bit of berry lip gloss. You can also apply a lip liner after you have applied the gloss to enhance your look as lip liner and lip gloss together create a prominent look.

5) Bronzer

A bronzer is your best friend if you have a round face. Contouring with a bronzer is the perfect way to draw attention to how elongated your face is rather than how round it is. This is one of the best make up tips and you must use for looking your best.

6) Angled eyebrows

Eyebrows aren’t actually make up but when you give your round face an angled eyebrow , it highlights your face and attracts attention to your eyes.

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7) Darker eye shadow

One of the most amazing tips for round face is to make use of a darker eye shadow. Black, deeper blues and browns are perfect for you. A darker eye shadow will attract more attention towards your beautiful eyes.

8) Use coats of black mascara

For creating a dramatic effect , apply a lot of mascara after you have applied the eye shadow as this will enhance your look.

9) Haircuts

Good make up for round face isn’t complete with a haircut that suits your face. A good haircut will make your face appear elongated and will enhance your beauty.

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