8 Makeup Tips to Look Younger


All women wish to look younger but you sadly you cannot stop yourself from going older. But you can get back your wonderful skin which glowed when you were a few years younger. Now you can hide those hideous dark circles and reduce your wrinkles with a magic brush. A make up brush is equivalent to a wand and is capable of returning magic and glow back to your face. Read the simple steps and makeup tips to look younger.
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9 Makeup Tips to Look Younger

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9 Makeup Tips to Look Younger

1) Moisturize

This is very essential to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Before you apply make up, always moisturize your skin with a good lotion. This will protect your skin and prevent various skin problems like acne.

2) Choose a Liquid Concealer

As your skin begins to age, your concealer becomes your best friend. But a concealer can attract attention to your lines and can take away your glow but a liquid concealer works like magic and with it you can easily hide all your blemishes without looking like you have caked it on your face.

3) Buy a Yellowish Foundation

Opt for a yellowish foundation as this warm color can add more glow and warmth to your skin too. The warmer and happier your skin looks, the younger and gorgeous you will look.

4) Use a Sponge

You might think that loads of foundation can hide all your blemishes. And it is not false but you can do something better. Make use of a sponge and wet with, now squeeze out all the water and on the back of your hand, apply some foundation. Now with the tip apply foundation slowly on your face. You might have to use your fingers to blend it but the sole reason for using a sponge is to avoid your face from looking like it has been painted with tons of make up.

5) Skip Tinted Face Powder

Dabbing some powder on your face can actually make a whole lot of difference. Instead of using a tinted one, make use of a translucent powder to look younger and beautiful.

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6) Keep Piling on the Moisturizer

You can never look younger if you do not grasp the fact that your moisturizer is your skin’s best friend. Always keep massaging your face with a good lotion. If you keep your skin healthy, hydrated and happy it will keep looking young.

7) Show off your Bone Structure

Your skin tends to become dry as you grow old but you also tend to lose weight. Now you can actually flaunt your wonderful cheek bones . With the help of a blush you can easily gain loads of compliments for your cheek bones as well as you will look younger.

8) Don’t Shy away from Shimmer

Most women think that shimmer cannot be used once their skin starts to age. But you mist in fact go ahead and use some light shimmer, it can make you look young and gorgeous.

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