7 Worst Things you do to Your Hair


We rarely realise that what we are doing is not good for our hair. But do we have an option? Well, we do. We must treat our hair gently and so here are a few things you must know that sometimes you really miss-treat your hair. You must avoid this habit, know about the worst things you do to your hair and avoid having damaged hair strands. So, the next time when you do something bad to you hair, just think of a bald head and you will stop making mistakes.

worst hair habits

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7 Worst things you do to your Hair

1. Using unclean hair brushes:

You may be using dirty and old brushes on your hair strands and this can really make the situation worse. You may end up catching a serious scalp infection. Keep the hair brushes and combs very clean.

2. Forgetting to add fruits and vegetables to your diet:

You may be very much hardworking person. But in the hustle and bustle you may forget to thrive on healthy food. If you take too much of junk food in place of healthy and organic food then you are actually treating your hair badly. Such under nourished hair would be more prone to damage and breakage.

3. No protein in diet or low protein in diet:

Your hair strands would need enough protein to grow nicely. If you are quite low in this then your hair would really become prone to many problems. So, make sure that you take a good and balanced diet with right amount of proteins too.

4. Using cotton pillow covers:

We like cotton and we have always used white pillow covers. But if you can use those made out of silk then your hair would be in the healthy state. There would not be breakage. You normally use the cotton ones which can increase friction and then there would be problems like split ends.

5. Using too much of heat:

You may be using too much of heat while blow drying your hair. Also, you may be taking hot shower baths for your hair. This can damage the hair and then hair would be prone to damage. Avoid this habit; it is really a worst habit for your hair.

6. Bleaching the hair:

You may get tempted to bleach the hair so as to get a new look. But mind well brunettes, bleaching your hair would be quite damaging for the hair and this would make your hair look frizzy and then there would be too much of breakage too.

7. Using rough towel for towel drying:

You have washed your hair and now you want to towel dry your hair. Using a rough towel can add to the maladies. Make sure that you use a soft and good quality towel and take up the drying process gradually and gently. Doing things in rough way can create damaging effects on your hair strands.

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Make sure that you do not repeat the above mentioned mistakes. If you do, you will have to regret later. Stay alert and aware from the start itself. We hope that you know now as to what are the Worst Things you do to Your Hair and so you would avoid them hereon.

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