7 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Wear Red Lipstick


A red lipstick is a complete must have. It is that one lipstick shade that makes you feel beautiful , bold and ready to take on the world. A red lipstick is all you need to take your look from a 8 to a 10. A woman flaunting dark beautiful pair of red lips not only makes heads turn but also oozes out confidence. A red lipstick is something every woman should have, it is really is that perfect.

7 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Wear Red Lipstick

If you are still figuring out if you should go and invest in a red lipstick or not, you should definitely read the 7 fabulous reasons to buy it :

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1) Makes you look confident and bold

Wearing red lipstick can really increase your confidence level and make you look bold and independent. It can improve your self esteem and will surely make you feel as if you have everything in control. So many famous women like Taylor Swift, Natalie Portman have totally rocked a red lipstick.

2) It makes your teeth look whiter

We all wish for beautiful dazzling white teeth but most of aren’t that lucky. Well guess what, your red lipstick not only makes you look stunning but also makes your teeth look whiter! So now you can flaunt your beautiful smile without any worry. Sounds like magic, doesn’t it?

3) Enhances your natural beauty

All women are born beautiful but a little make up never hurt. A red lipstick definitely is the way to make you look stunning and beautiful than ever.

4) There is no wrong shade

The best part about wearing a red lipstick is that you don’t have to worry about the right shade. Every shade is brilliant and perfect to flaunt. You can go for the warmer tones like the beautiful orange or you can try colder tones like the stunning blue hues. You can opt for whatever you want as every single shade will only enhance your appearance.

5) It’s playful and feminine

Are you tired of looking like plain Jane? Well, you need to experiment a bit and a red lipstick is the perfect thing to have fun with. It’s playful and you can try on various shades and spice up your look. It is very feminine too and will make you look as lovely as a rose.

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6) It makes you look elegant

It adds a touch of elegance to your look. A red lipstick is perfect for the evening parties. Now you can look extremely elegant with just a red-lipstick. You surely will be the beauty of the party.

7) It makes you look younger

This little secret will definitely make all women rush to the store to buy a red lipstick. Facial features like eyebrows and lips tend to get paler with age as the skin starts getting darker. Young women have lips that are naturally red and when older women apply this wonderful shade, it makes them look younger.

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