7 Easy Steps to do Perfect Bridal Makeup


All women love make up but a bride not only loves but also requires a perfect make up to look flawless on the most special day of her life. Women are naturally beautiful but make up can enhance the looks and make you look absolutely gorgeous. Every girl dreams of her wedding day, and obviously wants to look perfect for it. With the right bridal makeup, you can look be the most beautiful bride.

Bridal Makeup Tips

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Follow these Few Easy Steps to do Bridal Makeup:

1) Prep the Skin

The weeks before your wedding are as crucial as your wedding day. Take good care of your skin, eat healthy and keep your skin away from heat and pollution. Do not let stress affect you or you will be looking at a pimple covered face in the mirror. Moisturize your skin daily and drink plenty of water.

2) Apply Primer and Foundation

If you have any wrinkles, spots etc, apply a good primer over them. Apply it on the skin that becomes a bit oily during the day. Now apply a layer of mineral foundation which has a SPF or a tinted moisturizer.

3) Conceal Trouble Areas

We all have blemishes but thanks to make up now we can cover them up. Conceal all the blemishes with a good pigmented cream concealer. Do not cake on the concealer as it has light reflecting pigments. Ensure that you do not apply too much underneath your eyes as too much concealer can actually spoil your look.

4) Make your Eyes Pop

You can try the classic look for your eyes, drawing a single black line on the upper eyelash line. If you cannot manage it then simply smudge a nice brown liner close to the lash line. Choose a neutral palette for the eye shadow such as golds or bronzes. You can even terra cotta if your skin tone is a bit more earthly.

5) Accessorise your Smile

Your make up is not perfect until you smile your happy beautiful smile. Apply a good cream blush on your lips and cheeks and you will be known as the bride with the most beautiful smile. If you are lucky enough to have pink cheeks, then do not apply too much of color.

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6) Set the Look

Now you have to set your gorgeous make up with light and translucent powder and keep a few blotting papers with you. It is very essential to set your make up so it looks flawless all day long.

7) Practice

You obviously cannot do your make up on the big day without at least trying a few times before. Doing make up is equivalent to creating art and a masterpiece always requires time. So try till you can you can turn your make up brush into a magic wand.

These few simple steps will surely make you look beautiful on the big day. All you need is practice, patience and good bridal makeup.

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