5 Steps to Apply Cream Foundation Correctly


Foundation is one of the beauty products almost all women use and hence is extremely popular. This extremely essential beauty product is available in different textures as well as types – mousse, cream, powder and liquid. A good foundation covers all blemishes and also corrects an uneven skin tone. The best thing about cream foundations is that it hardly takes any time to apply them. If coverage and convenience are reasons enough then it ‘s time to contemplate making a switch. There are a lot of people who do not know how to apply a cream foundation properly and hence deal with poor results. But you don’t need to worry anymore. Just by following these few simple steps you will be able to apply foundation easily and in a correct manner.

5 Steps to Apply Cream Foundation Correctly

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5 Steps to Apply Cream Foundation Correctly:

Step 1 :

A fresh and clean skin ensures that you have a clean canvas to begin with and it even provides you with a base. Make sure that you cleanse, tone and moisturize daily. This is very important for maintaining a supple and healthy skin. Before you start with the step 2, make sure that you keep a gap of two to three minutes after this procedure so that the moisturizer gets totally absorbed into your skin.

Step 2 :

It doesn’t matter what your skin type is, applying a primer is very important. The primer acts as a base for your make up. It bridges the gap between your make up and skin care. This step is very vital if you want your make up to last for a longer duration. You can use a brush or your fingertips to apply the primer.

Step 3 :

You can make use of a brush or a make up sponge to apply the cream foundation. While using a sponge make sure that you load the product on the sponge and start by applying it on the center of your face, blending it outwards. The techniques and the strokes are very important. Either pat or dab the foundation into your skin. Make sure that you blend it well and don’t overdo it. Apply layer by layer and remember less is always more.

Step 4 :

The most perfect way to apply cream foundation is by using a brush. Begin the application from the center , blending it towards your cheekbones and then on your forehead. The strokes can either be in a circular motion or a stippling motion. A synthetic fibre brush is the most suitable for applying cream foundation.

Step 5 :

Apply a layer of translucent powder or loose powder to finish the look.

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These five simple steps are very essential for applying cream foundation and with the help of them, you will be applying foundation perfectly in no time. But there are various important factors which you must remember when you are purchasing a foundation. Factors like the coverage you require, the kind of finish and texture you prefer and your skin type must be considered.

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