5 Simple Nutrition Tips for Staying Fit on Vacation


Vacations are a great time to unwind from the daily hustle bustle of our daily lives. Whether it’s celebrating with friends and family or taking some me time all for yourself, vacations are always a fun endeavour to indulge in. This also means missing out on your workout, staying out late, not eating well and an incessant intake of alcohol. In this post, we look at 5 simple nutrition tips to overcome those overindulging habits and staying healthy during your vacation:

5 Simple Nutrition Tips for Staying Fit on Vacation:

Hydrate - Nutrition Tips

1. Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate:

Water ought to be your best friend during vacations. Traveling tends to take a toll on your body and during vacations, everything seems to take a back seat even the act of hydrating oneself. One good way to check your hydration is to keep a tab on the color of your pee. If its amber or dark yellow, then it means you are dehydrated. This is a clear sign that your body needs water and sort of an order for you to grab a bottle and gulp it down your throat. Keep a bottle handy with you while traveling or heading out and make it a point to sip from it while you go about taking the sights of the city or enjoying the beachside.

food storage box - Nutrition Tips

2. Prepare well ahead of time:

While this may seem like an impasse of sorts, but planning in advance will help ease your vacation time. If you are a person conscious about your food then try carrying your own meals. You can always carry a portable cooler with you and keep some snacks like fruits, sandwiches, boiled eggs, yogurt or a small to go bag of raw vegetables that you can have like a salad. Dry foods are also a great option to carry. You can always carry some nuts, dried fruits, energy bars along with you whenever you are traveling. Also, it helps to do some research on the places that you could go eat in a new place. The better you plan, the more healthy choices you would make when it comes to food.

Dont Skip Meals - Nutrition Tips

3. Don’t skip your meals:

Its so easy to lose track of time whilst we are out rushing to take a glimpse of all the tourist sites. Losing track of time means losing track of your meal cycle. While this might seem like a completely harmless idea at the time but you are bound to over binge during your next meal. A good way to ensure that you don’t skip your meals is to carry some snacks with you like energy bars or fruits and binge on them if you feel that you might end up skipping a meal. Another way to keep this habit in check is to eat stop and make sure that you eat every 3-4 hours. If you are looking for more such interesting health tips, then be sure to visit Online Savings Hack. The site has regularly updated content on the best health hacks that will help you stay fit.

Be Smart About your Drinks - Nutrition Tips

4. Be smart about your drinks:

People tend to drink more on their vacations than any other time, an average of 16 drinks a week while they are away. Unless you don’t drink or are abstaining from it altogether, you are one or the other way bound to drink more on a vacation. A good way to ensure that you drink smartly is to ensure that you forego of the sweet cocktails coming your way. Drinks like the mojitos and pina coladas are laced with excessive sugar which you might to avoid. If you are opting to drink on vacation then stick to wine and hard liquor.

Eat Smart - Nutrition Tips

5. Eat Smart:

Make it a point to count your calories and chalk out a plan for the kind of food you want to have. If your aim is to reduce weight, then stick to having baked and grilled dishes rather than fried foods which have more calories and fats. There are also different apps on both the Google and iOS platform that can help you verify the contents of your food as well as the calories you are consuming.

By no means, should you avoid having your favorite food on vacation, but you ought to also practice moderation and sensibility towards your nutrition.

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