5 Common Hair Care Mistakes that We Make


We often tend to make a few common mistakes as far as hair care is concerned. But we should understand that such small mistakes would create issues for your hair. You should therefore have a healthy hair regime where there is no scope of mistakes. We feel that what we are doing is right. But here’s some clarifications that will help you get an idea as to which are the most common hair care mistakes we make and how we should avoid the same.

common hair care mistakes

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Common hair care mistakes

1. We wash hair too often:

It is true that the hair should be washed frequently so that the dirt and dust do not accumulate into your hair. But sometimes if you wash hair too often specifically if you have too long hair then the hair would become dry. Dry hairs often break and then there would be hair loss. It is therefore important that you use dry shampoo or do not wash the hair too frequently or everyday. You can wash the hair twice a week. This will retain the natural oils and moisture in your scalp.

2. Over brushing your hair:

If you brush your hair too much then your hair would become static. Also, some people have habit of brushing or combing wet hair. You should try to keep away from such things. This is because it can lead to hair damage.

3. Skipping to condition the hair:

We often skip conditioning our hair. This can really lead to dry and frizzy hair. It is important that you try natural conditioners or a very good brand of conditioners. Make it a rule to condition your hair every time you wash your hair.

4. Using more heat:

We often want to quicken the processes wherein we can get the dry hair quickly. Thus we use mire heat on our hair via dryers. Also, sometimes we use more of hair straightening and smoothening processes. Even here we would make use of lot of chemicals and heat. It is therefore important that we use less heat. Otherwise the hair would become damaged and dry.

5. Not using detangling spray:

We often work very hard on tangles. It is important that when we have tangles on hair we use the detangling spray. This will help you a lot. If you are too harsh on tangles then you might have headache too.

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The above hair care mistakes are quite common and we don’t even realize that we are mistakenly treating our hair badly. It is important we take good care of our hair and follow the hair routines as we should. We think that we are taking good care of hair but in one way we are actually damaging the delicate hair. Our hair really deserves the best treatment and so we need to hear what our hair strands have to say. This will really help us by all means.  With the above tips you can create environment for amazingly beautiful hair.

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