5 Best Hair Dryers


All women wish to live a life like Kate Middleton who gets a couple of blowouts just in seven days. But for most of us it is impossible to avoid the special time with our blowdryer and so it is very vital to choose the best hair dryer. All heat tools aren’t created equal and finding the one which suits your hair is nothing less than a task. How do you know whether your hair requires a tourmaline or iron? Which one will make your hair appear voluminous? If you are as confused as every other woman then all you need to do is read this article. It doesn’t matter if you love straight hair, or you are prone to frizz or if you love washing your hair every day, here are some of the best hair dryers to choose from.

5 Best Hair Dryers:

Best Hair Dryers - Amika Obliphica Mini Ionic Dryer Styler

1) Amika Obliphica Mini Ionic Dryer Styler

This hair dryer is perfect for overpackers. We all know that our hotel-issued blow dryers are not to be trusted to do anything except what blowing on our hair with our mouth can do. The best solution to it is this wonderful Amika Obliphica Mini Ionic Dryer Styler. It boasts one thousand watts, a diffuser as well as straightening attachments for every hair type . It works just as well as your gigunda dryer at 1/3 the weight and size to make your hair look better than ever.

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Best Hair Dryers - Chi Touch Screen Hair Dryer

2) Chi Touch Screen Hair Dryer

This hairdryer is excellent for eliminating frizz. This dryer is known for its touch-screen control panel thus providing various options of myriad of iron selection, speed and temperatures. It is so wonderful that even the last setting is remembered by it. This hair dryer is a bit expensive and heavy but it gives a long lasting glossy style and is incredibly quiet.

Best Hair Dryers - Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer

3) Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer

This hair dryer is perfect for imparting nineties hair-commercial body into hair. This wonderful dryer is perfect for those who are tired of thin hair. It makes your hair look voluminous and beautiful. This gem of a hairdryer is the official hair dryer of the famous of Drybar, the famous blow-dry bar. It is known for it’s ultra- power motor to get the job done faster. The best thing about it is that it is made up of Nanoionic minerals which keep the hair hydrated . It has a 9 foot chord with a hang loop as well as self-locking cool shot button to give the perfect finish. Its signature gray and yellow palette is one more attractive thing about it.

Best Hair Dryers - Harry Josh Pro Tools Dryer 2000

4) Harry Josh Pro Tools Dryer 2000

This excellent hair dryer is perfect for amplifying fine hair. This hair dryer blows out the air at a wonderful 80 MPH and doesn’t even make a single sound. An amazing feature of it is that if your hair is frizzy and thick then you can simply switch on the iron setting.

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Best Hair Dryers - Turbo Power Thin Turbo Blow Dryer

5) Turbo Power Thin Turbo Blow Dryer

It is a perfect hair dryer as it is suitable for al hair textures. It is one of a kind and can be used for styling, setting as well as straightening.

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