5 Best Foundations for Oily Skin


If you have combination or oily skin, finding the perfect foundation can be a task. Too much liquid or oil in the foundation and it’s slipped by noon whereas powder-based formulations many times look a bit cakey. Various factors lead to oily skin which makes it very to difficult to manage it as well finding the perfect foundation for oily skin is extremely difficult. Oily skin can be hereditary or hormonal and is worsened by emotional and physical stress. But you don’t need to stress , It may be hard but oily skin can be controlled by following a strict skin care regime. If you have oily skin then the very first thing you need to do is throw out all the crème based foundation.

Listed Below are Some of the Best Foundation for Oily Skin Type:

Best Foundation for Oily Skin - Remmel

1) Rimmel match perfection foundation

If you are fortunate enough to have a fairly even skin tone then this foundation is perfect for you. It is a very beneficial and covers up all your blemishes and redness without appearing mask-like. This foundation is one of the few foundation that last for a longer duration as well as absorb all the excess oil from your skin. It blurs the appearance of the pores and helps you look flawless.

Best Foundation for Oily Skin - Fusion Foundation

2) Fusion foundation

This product created a bit of frenzy when it was launched and the product is so wonderful that it justifies the rage. Oily skin requires several applications of foundation during the day as sebum makes it slip but not with this excellent fusion foundation. You’ll notice that the formula is extremely thin while applying but then sets in the place just like any other foundation. It takes eight to nine hours for the magic to happen. During that nothing happens it stays throughout the day in all its tone-evening , mattifying, pore-concealing glory and it requires zero reapplication. This foundation is totally worth investing in.

Best Foundation for Oily Skin - Boots No 7 Foundation

3) Boots No 7

Boots No 7 Beautifully Matte Foundation is the perfect foundation for your skin type and you will instantly fall in love with. It promises twelve hours shine-free and the formula also balances the oil production to maintain the quality of your skin and make it look better than ever. Before buying this formula, try various and find the one which suits you the best. Use a clever skin scanner to find the perfect foundation for yourself. This foundation is a must have and is indeed worth investing in.

Best Foundation for Oily Skin - Laura Mercier Foundation

4) Laura Mercier Oil-free foundation

If you desire a light-weight liquid foundation the Laura Mercier oil-free foundation is perfect for you. It contains silica which absorbs all the excess oil from your skin. This wonderful oil-free foundation goes on smoothly and evenly for a polished look.

Best Foundation for Oily Skin - Benefit Hello Foundation

5) Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation

This foundation is perfect for pampering your skin and is surely a must have. This excellent hydrating , SPF 25 oil-free formula is light diffusing and natural perfect for a lighter, subtle coverage.

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