5 Best Cologne for Men


For most of the men, finding the appropriate cologne fragrance that matches their indelible spirit can be extremely tough and frustrating. Today the markets are flooded with various best cologne for men but this leads to lot of confusion. If you are just headed to buy a few colognes, then you might want to pause for a moment and read this article.

Listed below are some of the best cologne for men that will surely gain you some wonderful compliments:

Jean Paul Gaultir Le Male - Best Cologne for men

1) Jean Paul Gaultir Le Male

Le Male is the best and the first fragrance created by Jean Paul. This cologne is known for its sweet, vanilla, lavender and mint notes. This cologne is one of a kind and will draw all the women towards you. Powerful cardamom, artemesia, bergamot and mint make for the best notes, whereas middle notes of cumin, cinnamon, orange blossom and lavender are amazing too. Sandalwood, amber, tonka bean and vanilla are known as the base notes and are perfect for the modern man. Le male’s most unique and traditional aroma is gentle as well as masculine and is certainly the best.

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Dior Homme Intense - Best Cologne for men

2) Dior Homme Intense

This cologne is nothing less than a masterpiece and is considered as game changer in the fabulous designer world. This cologne will earn you some wonderful compliments. This brilliant fragrance is extremely sophisticated, well- constructed and smells heavenly. This cologne is the best cologne for all your evening parties as well for formal occasions.

One Million by Paco Rabanne - Best ologne for men

3) One Million by Paco Rabanne

Developed by the brilliant perfumers Michel Girard, Oliver Pescheux and Christophe Raynaud, this fragrance is absolutely and tantalizing which will attract all the women. Some of the best notes such as grapefruit and mind and bloody orange are extremely popular. Blond leather, rose and spicy cinnamon are some wonderful middle notes that are absolute must haves. Base notes of patchouli, amber and white wood are equally amazing and will make you feel in control. One million is a perfect fragrance which makes you feel classy and sexy at the same time.

Creed Aventus - Best Cologne for men

4) Creed Aventus

This scent is one of a kind and is worth investing in. With smoky beautiful pineapple and woods, this scent is surely the one to attract women. Inspired by the life and legacy of Emperor Napoleon, this scent utilizes some ingredients related to his memory. Blackcurrent from his hometown, Corsia ; pineapple, his favorite food ; Ambergris from the deep ocean representing the emperor’s navy are used in this scent. This scent lasts for longer duration and is one of the best fragrances.

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Creed Green Irish Tweed - Best Cologne for men

5) Creed Green Irish Tweed

There are some things that never get old, these things maintain their elegance and class and GIT or Green Irish Tweed is one of them. This scent is fabulous and is the favorite of many celebrities. This cologne makes you feel energetic, powerful and ready to take over the world. You can wear this scent casually as well as formally. This cologne is a total must have.

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